Expand your professional network with a mentor in your desired career field

IM体育 began developing a mentoring program in 2013 as a way to provide additional career support to students who participate in credit internships. Our goal is to help students expand their professional networks by connecting interns to professionals in their fields who are not directly affiliated with either IM体育 or their internship organizations. 导师s provide valuable support to students by discussing their own career paths and by responding to student questions regarding their own future careers.


  1. 现为IM体育学生
  2. Currently enrolled in a credit internship or have successfully completed a credit internship at IM体育
  3. 累积平均绩点3.0或更高
  4. Good disciplinary standing (students on disciplinary probation or warning are ineligible)
  5. Willing to commit to meeting with mentor at least once during the applicable academic term

注意: participation is limited and acceptance not guaranteed.


为了申请, submit the following materials to the Career Development Office by the second week of the applicable academic term:

  1. 填妥及签署的申请表
  2. 联系 information for one reference (either a professor, 实习主管, or a supervisor at a current/recent part-time job). You must get permission from your reference for us to contact him or her.

IM体育会回复你的, 通常在一周内, with the result of your application and one or more suggestions for the mentor we think we will be able to introduce to you. After considering the profile of the potential mentor, you will have a chance to opt in or out of the mentoring program. If you opt in, we expect you to comply with the term outlined in the “applicant undertakings.” If you opt out, you are welcome to apply again in the future. 欲了解更多信息,请联系 career@tuj.IM体育.edu.

导师计划申请表格(PDF: 86KB) 


We are looking for IM体育 alumni and other professionals working in 东京 who are interested in mentoring IM体育 students.
欲了解更多详情,请联系 career@tuj.IM体育.edu.

导师的角色及期望(PDF: 217KB) 




Nuala Connolly, Head of Talent, Deputy Head of HR, 美国国际集团(AIG) 日本 Holdings

Taking in a Temple University student mentee gave me the opportunity to think about what skills, experiences and behaviors are needed for young professionals setting off on career journeys. This is directly applicable to younger talent in our organization. I believe in “reverse mentoring” too and believe that generations can learn from one another and it isn’t a one-way stream. In the case of May Silvestre it ultimately led to a fabulous new graduate story that we couldn’t have imagined, but which has been terrific for our organization and for May.



可能瑞秋西尔维斯特, IM体育 Class of 2016 (International Business Studies) / CEO Office, 项目经理, 美国国际集团(AIG)

Taking part in the mentorship program was a valuable experience for me as I was able to connect to professionals and understand the working environment in 日本. 通过这个连接, 我能够了解自己的长处, but also what I can improve to be a valuable asset to a company.



马克·戴维森,政府主管 & 外务,安利日本G.K.

I have been honored to mentor two phenomenal IM体育 students interested in public service and international careers. 当然, 每个人都喜欢谈论自己, and I really appreciated that they both politely listened to my interminable career anecdotes and advice – without rolling their eyes once! But I may have learned more from them than they did from me. It was a thrill to bounce around ideas with young people intellectually engaged with the big issues and passionate about making a positive difference on the global stage. They exemplify the kind of smart, curious, and proactive future leaders IM体育 attracts and nurtures. I came away from our mentoring meetings more confident about the future – and deeply gratified to support them, and the incubator of global talent that is IM体育.



Lily Boland, IM体育 Class of 2019 (International Affairs & 政治科学)

My mentorship with Mark Davidson has proven to be extremely worthwhile during my final semester at IM体育. 马克的建议对我很有基础, especially at a time where I felt rather overwhelmed with my final Capstone paper, 一个密集的实习, and the uncertainty of planning my next steps. 我能够调动各种想法, 问问题, and gain insight from someone with a longstanding career in my field of interest and who I both admire and respect.